Split or Double - What to Choose?

When you are playing blackjack, you need to know when to make a move and when to keep calm. Different players in the world who have become masters at the game can attest to the fact that all you need to lose all of your money in the game of blackjack is just one wrong move. In reality, one wrong move can ruin everything you had worked so hard for when you are playing any blackjack game. Therefore you need to understand when you should split or double down.

One of the main reasons why blackjack is preferred by so many people in the world is because o the fact that it does have an interesting concept that you will most certainly find very easy to understand. For you to win a game of blackjack, all you will have to do is to beat the dealer. Now how hard can that be, right? As simple as it sounds, you might as well find it so hard to beat the dealer. You need to hit so as to get closer to 21. This you should do only when you are sure that you hold the best hand in the game. If there is a value that is less than 12, the best you should do is to hit. At the same time you should take note that you should stand in the event that the value o the card is more than 16. In the event that you have between 12 and 16, do not hit. If you have to, make sure that the card the dealer is holding is between an Ace and 7.

In the event that the card the dealer is holding is less than a 7, the only sensible thing for you to do is to stand. In the event that the soft total is less than or equal to 17, double down. This is of course when the dealer shows a 5 or a 4. Doubling down is a chance that you get immediately you receive you cards. What this means is that you are free to double your bet for getting one card. There are a number of casinos that will go on and allow you to bet lower than what you initially wagered. However, you also need to note that there is no casino that will allow you to increase the wager. In order for you to get these rules right, you need to be very keen on the rules of the house before you set down to play. The reason for this is because there are some casinos that will only allow you to double down when you hold an 11 or a 10.

The interesting question therefore will be whether or not you should double down, and when. It is advisable for you to double down when you realize that the dealer is not showing an ace and what you have is a 10 or an 11. When you realize that the dealer has 2-6, you can also double down a hard 9 (6-3 or 5-4).