Interrelation between Blackjack Odds and Number of Decks Used

Throughout the world blackjack is one of the games that is usually played in as many casinos as you can come across. There are so many reasons why blackjack is an all time favorite for so many people. One of these is due to the fact that when you are playing blackjack you have the chance to combine chance and skill in one of the simplest ways ever and this is the trick that makes blackjack all the more appealing wherever it is played.

Those who are aware of how the game goes will tell you one thing that is as important as you might need to know. There is only one objective, building a hand with a value of 21 or getting as close as you can to this value without going bust. There are different versions of the game, but all of them usually have the same objective in the game of play. It is also important to note that there might be differences in as far as the house edge is concerned from different versions of the game.

What does Increase Your Chances

There is no perfect blackjack strategy in as much as there are so many people who have claimed to come up with strategies that will work. The game is however so popular thanks to the simplicity that can be associated with the fact that there is just a basic strategy that can at times reduce the edge of the casino to anything less than 1%. It is such simplicity that makes so many people familiar with this game. However, casinos are not that dumb. Instead of letting you get an advantage over them, they usually go ahead and set different variations of blackjack so that they are in a position where they are back on top and as a result they get to have their earnings shored up. This is where the importance of the decks comes in.

The number of decks that are used in the game at any given time is one of the variations that you will need to know about. This is not really a very common variation, but then again there are some casinos that do offer it. This variation usually has a house edge of 0.17% and it is whereby the casinos offer the players a chance to play a game of blackjack on a single deck. Because of such low a range, these casinos will usually have playing rules that give them an advantage so that they are in a better position to offset the difference when you play.

On the other hand there are blackjack games that are usually played at casinos with four decks. These will give the casino a 0.6% advantage, and in the event that you are using the common 8 deck blackjack, the house will have an advantage of 0.66%.

When you come to consider all of these, it is worth reckoning that in the game of blackjack, the decks do have a significant relationship on the odds. This can be seen in the illustrations that have we have seen, and therefore you need to make sure that you have this in mind.