Blackjack Side Bets - Additional Options

For those who are not aware, it is so easy for you to play European blackjack with side bets. This is one of the most common blackjack games that are played throughout the world. In most cases the game is usually offered with an extra side bet and this can go on to pay 10:1 when you compare this with the original amount that you had bet. Depending on the version of European blackjack that you are playing, there are different side bets that can be offered to the players. Apart from that different casinos have different policies regarding the side bets, and as a result of the same you will notice some differences between particular casinos in the event that you are a player who fancies playing from one casino to the other. Two of the most common side bets however are the High Streak and the Hi-Lo 13. In most cases chances are so high that you will come across these when you are playing from whichever casino.

European Blackjack – Game with More Options

When you are playing the European High Streak, you have the chance of betting on winning 2, 3, 4, 5 hands in a row while at the same time you will be looking at payoffs of around 10:1 for the original amount that you had bet. The players will have to place wagers on the high streak and this is at the beginning of the game. After that this will activate as soon as a player has won the first hand. Each and every time a player wins any hand thereafter, the side bet is increased. The bet will then return to 1:1 when players have won two consecutive hands. In the event that a player wins three hands at a go, the bet will be at 2:1. This goes on and on, and when you get to win your fourth hand, it becomes 5:1. It all depends on how you play and how lucky you are. This is because players are able to keep on playing until they win 5 hands in a row. In the event that you are that lucky, the bets will get to 10:1.

In the event that you do not seem to appreciate the bets that are offered by High Streak, you can try your hand at Hi-Lo. This is one of the other games where you will get the chance to win several awesome payouts. The difference between this game and the other one lies in the fact that you will be betting on whether or not the combined value of the first two cards you draw will either be equal to, below or above 13. In the event that you are able to guess whether the value is either above or below 13, your odds return to 1:1. This only doubles you money. However on the other hand, if you can correctly guess that it is equal to 13 your stake will get back to the initial 10:1. These are the basic rules that determine the play of European blackjack with side bets.