Nathaniel Tilton - Blackjack and Life

For the blackjack fans, this is the one book that you have to make sure that you get your hands on. There is a lot of insight into this book by Nathaniel Tilton that you can make use of. Apart from giving you tips and ideas on blackjack you also get to have an insight into decision making which might really come in handy for you at some point in life. We have so many people who have been able to make the best use of this book, and you too can take your time and go over it keenly and you will realize just how special a find it is for you.

Way to Success

Nathaniel Tilton was considered a regular guy who had a regular job like many other people in the world today. However, what made him different is that he took his time and went through Bringing Down the House, and from then he followed the steps and advice that the other players in the book had done. Through this you set on his journey in the world of counting cards and see things through his eyes, quite the perspective indeed when you come to think of it. There are a number of lessons that we learn from this book which are indeed very important. One of these is the power of teamwork. It is hard to find anyone who believes in doing anything successfully without involving others at some point. Because of this therefore working as a team in most cases will succeed in all ventures.

Another thing that you have to take note of is the pursuit of beating the odds. In life we usually have a lot of odds stacked against us so much that at times we wonder if we can make it. However, through some deep thought and strife you will be able to make it. It is these odds that are supposed to push you for greater success in life. One of the other things that we see through Tilton’s view is the world of casinos especially where he gambled with his partner. Besides that we also get his view of the seedy backrooms, some of which he had hoped never to see.

There is more to this book than winning and losing and if you are a keen reader and an insightful one, you will realize that underneath the lines carefully crafted to make this book, you will see the struggle of a man who grows to discover himself as he matures through different stages in life. The interesting aspect of this is that he grows to discover himself in the most unlikely places and it is from these that he learns so much not just about poker and blackjack, but also about life in general.

Through this book Nathaniel Tilton goes on to share his professional view of the kinds of opportunities that you can take advantage of in the event that you are a professional or a skilled poker player, or in the event that you are keen on setting on such a journey in your life.