Catch 21 TV Show - Enjoy Blackjack at TV

In the event that you are a big blackjack fan, you will be aware of Catch 21. This was one of the most popular blackjack shows in the world. The show focuses on the game of blackjack, and it has a huge following all over the world. Catch 21 was designed by Merill Heatter, who has since gone on to produce the Gambit, another poker related show that is equally popular among the masses. The TV show was aired at the Hollywood Center Studios and hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro. The card dealer of the show was Mikki Padilla. The final season of the show was run from August 2010, and this was after four successful seasons of the show. However, there are reruns that are usually aired from time to time on the GSN network. It has also been reported that there will be some reruns aired by Bounce TV sometime in 2013.

Why is It so Popular

When the TV show starts, three players are usually issued with a card each. Besides that they are also issued with a blackjack hand from a 52-card deck. The deck is usually shuffled before the game is taped. The host will then read a question and the contestant that gets this question wins 100 points. The questions are usually multiple choices and this makes it so easy for players to have an idea of what answers they can choose, however challenging they are. In the event that the player answers the questions correctly, they are allowed the chance to freeze their hand. This allows them the advantage of not being able to get additional cards, or the chance of being the ones to reveal the card on top of the deck.

The game progresses with different challenges from each round, and with each of them the winner gets points as they go through the game. There are three rounds of this game upon which the players can compete.

In the event that a player decides to freeze, the other contestants cannot freeze at scores lower than what the player has. There are no ties in this game, and in the event that your hand exceeds 21, you will be eliminated. In the event that two of the three contestants bust the remaining contestant is usually declared the winner of the round in question. There will be no questions asked in the event that there is one contestant in the game that is yet to bust or freeze. This is a very interesting round, and the winner gets awarded 500 points. Apart from the points they are also given a power chip that they can use when they are playing in the bonus round. That is of course if they manage to get so far. After the first two rounds, the player that has the lowest score will get eliminated from the game. If by the end of the second round there is a tie for second place, the players who have tied will usually be subject to a tie breaker.