Safe blackjack strategies

Playing safe in Blackjack Online is a great way to learn the game without risking all your chips in one go and many first-timers like to use particularly conservative strategies to help them.

One of the best blackjack strategies online gamers use is ‘sticking low’, the idea is that you put the initiative into the dealer’s hands rather than going all-out and finding yourself bust before the dealer reveals.

A great example of this strategy is to consider the chances of a 10 or picture card (valued at 10) appearing after your pair is dealt. Also keep an eye out for what the dealer’s turned card is, this can give you a better chance at deciding what’s coming next.

If you’re on anything up to 11 then twisting is of course the logical move – you may get a 10 and be safe enough on 21.

Meanwhile, if you’re on a soft 14 to 17 (where you have an Ace and a number card) then twisting is also advisable. See where the third card takes you – you can’t go bust and may even hit 21.

Should you twist and make 14 or 15 this is where it gets tricky. Look at the dealer’s card. If it’s weak – 6 or below – then it’s worth sticking low as they are going to struggle to nail 17 or higher without going bust.

Remember, if you twist here then a bust is possible and you win nothing, so be smart and considered when playing in the online casino just as you would if you were sat in a casino at a table.

First-timers are advised to stay conservative and stick on anything above 14, maybe even 13 if the dealer has a weak first card. More seasoned gamers may think this is a bad move but the strategy relies on staying low and gambling on the dealer exceeding 21.

It often happens that players around you chase for a high finish when they’ve got a healthy 16 and so go bust for no reason, sit back and watch the dealer also lose.

Because you lose your chips if you go bust – regardless of the dealer’s finish – it isn’t worth gambling it all on one card when the dealer must either stick or twist.

Let the dealer take the initiative and you’ll be surprised well good this strategy can pay out.